Matt Cain meets the ‘MythBusters’ crew (Video)

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

So "MythBusters" recently released this clip showing San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain destroying objects in the air by throwing baseballs at them. It's entertaining to watch as we await Cain's matchup against Kyle Lohse in Monday night's NLCS Game 7, but any chance of you wanting to believe this is real probably disappears after seeing Cain throw a clean hole through a cardboard box and the deep dish pizza inside of it. I've never seen "MythBusters," but I'm under the impression that they, you know, bust myths. That makes the fact they're creating a few myths of their own by using one of the best pitchers in baseball a little confusing. But to borrow from a funny With Leather commenter, I'll retract my skepticism if they can test our belief that Johnny Damon's throws would bounce and fall away from the same objects.

At any rate, if you actually want to see a really cool post about baseball and physics, check out this professor from the University of Illinois and his look at what Fox's special slow-motion cameras can teach us that the naked eye cannot.

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