MASN reporter Julie Alexandria gets second straight Gatorade shower from Nationals

During her debut broadcast on Thursday, new MASN reporter Julie Alexandria received quite a welcome to the world of Major League Baseball from the Washington Nationals. Following the home team's 8-1 win over the Reds, Alexandria attempted to conduct her first postgame interview with winning pitcher Gio Gonzalez after he'd just tossed a masterful one-hitter.

Obviously, a one-hitter is a significant accomplishment for a pitcher, so Gonzalez's teammates decided to give him the Gatorade shower usually reserved for actual no-hitters or walk-off wins. Unfortunately for Alexandria, she found herself right in the line of fire and ended up taking just as much of the shower as the intended target.

Probably not the debut she envisioned, but she took it like a pro and continued about her business. No problem. Besides, she knew she was coming back to the park again on Friday. She knew she'd have another chance to conduct a postgame interview. And honestly, what are the odds this could happen two nights in a row?

Oh, I'd say about the same as teammates throwing back-to-back one-hitters.

Bad news for Julie Alexandria. Those odds are much higher when the stacked Washington Nationals rotation is involved. Jordan Zimmerman went right ahead and pitched that second straight one-hitter against the Reds (on 91 pitches). Afterwards, there she was again, this time interviewing Zimmerman, and about 30 seconds in here come Drew Storen and Ryan Mattheus with the bucket of Gatorade.

The rest, as they say, is history. Alexandria caught the brunt of this one, too, almost as if she may have been the intended target all along. Hard to say for sure, but we do know that she again handled herself like a pro and went right back to the interview.

Good for her. But the question now is: Now that she knows Gatorade can strike twice, how will she prepare for her third day on the job?

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