Martin Prado headbutts fan while chasing foul ball into stands (Video)

Martin Prado chased after a foul ball into the stands Sunday like baseball players often do. They fall into the stands sometimes, dive in too, putting their bodies on the line trying to make a catch. Sometimes fans' popcorn buckets or cups of beer are casualties when this happens. Such is life when you're sitting in the row closest to the field.

By now, fans might expect players to get close if there's a foul ball. But they probably don't expect what happened when Prado chased down that foul ball. They probably don't expect a headbutt.

But that's just what one fan got at the Arizona Diamondbacks-San Francisco Giants game (which the Giants won 4-1). Calling it a "headbutt" is the safest terminology, The Stew thinks. Their heads definitely smacked together, and both seemed dazed afterward. 


But Prado also sort of looks like he's kissing the fan on the forehead, if you freeze the video at the right moment. Or like he was biting him. Whatever it was, it was an uncomfortable collision for both gents. And to make matters worse, Prado wasn't even close to catching the ball. Had the fan's forehead been abused during a fantastic catch, that would be something to brag about.

Getting hit in the head on a foul ball way out of reach? That's just a recipe for a headache.

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