Marlins: ‘We Are The Marlins’ theme song ‘has nothing to do with us’

David Brown
Big League Stew


M-A-R-L-I-N-S/We are the Marlins — go, Fish!

Everything is great in the Sunshine State/We got the Marlins, the Mi-a-mi Marlins.

Make a date with the Marlins, those Miami darlins.

Black, yellow, orange and blue/We are comin' after you!

They even worked in a reference to the new uniforms. Alas, the director of Marlins media relations, Matt Roebuck, quickly responded to an email inquiry by The Stew. Will they run onto the field for the first time with this as background music? Is it an official Marlins song?

"No it is not. Has nothing to do with us.


Aw, shucks. That's too bad, because the semi-calypso stylings of "We Are The Marlins" would give us, the sports Internet police, something else to complain about regarding South Florida's Major League Baseball team. To review:

• Some in the front office don't think much of the intelligence of Miami residents.

The team picks on Logan Morrison just because.

• The new uniforms. (Remember how those leaked and we wondered, "Have they really gone rainbow?")

• The thing in center field.

And now the sequel to "Sweet Freedom" by Michael McDonald comes out and they deny any involvement. You can still sing along, of course, or throw a brick through your Internet browser if you don't like it. And we can even make it the team's unofficial theme. It's like choosing your own nickname. Unless you're George Costanza, you don't get to do that.

But there's one thing we can't do this time: Blame the Marlins.

Big BLS h/t: CBS Eye on Baseball

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