Mark Trumbo showed up at an Angels charity event, even after being traded

Slugger Mark Trumbo was traded from the Los Angeles Angels to the Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday, part of a three-team deal that now separates Trumbo from the team that drafted him, and the only team for which he'd ever played.

Players change teams a lot, especially this time of year. So we often see players thanking the fans in the city they're leaving. Maybe they take out a newspaper ad. Or write a letter. Or send out a tweet. Trumbo, though, made a post-trade move that was a little different, and all the way classy.

He had previously committed to attend the team's annual holiday party for local kids. It's called the Los Angeles Angels Kids Foundation Holiday Party. Youngsters from various non-profit groups attend, and spend the evening with a bunch of Angels players and coaches.

Trumbo could have easily crossed that off his to-do list, since he wasn't an Angel anymore. Nobody would have judged him too much. But he didn't. He still showed up to spend the evening with young Angels fans. It was the final home run Trumbo hit as an Angel.

Eric Kay, the Angels' communication director, tweeted the picture above with this caption: "One good, stand up dude. You will be missed."

Here on The Stew, after the trade went down, I wrote that Trumbo might not be as good of an all-around player as his home run and RBI total might lead people to believe. You know what, though? Trumbo is definitely a good all-around guy.

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