Mark Teixeira offers honey to bees that delayed Yankees-Red Sox game

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Teixeira honey offering


Bee delays happen occasionally in Major League Baseball, and when the buzzing insects flew into a New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox Grapefruit League game Tuesday, slugger Mark Teixeira was ready.

During a reported 7 minute delay in the third inning, the stadium loudspeakers played "Flight of the Bumble Bee" while players took cover. Teixeira emerged from the Yankees dugout and reached out with bottles of honey in both hands, gesturing toward the left-field bullpen, where the bees were. Workers (human workers, not worker bees) sprayed the bees with water, or some kind of liquid deterrent, trying to wrangle them off the playing field. Teixeira never wandered far from the dugout. But what was he thinking?

Knowing there would be a delay for the TV broadcast on YES, a quick-thinking Joe Girardi took to his dugout headset and relayed Texeira's plan:

"Teix had a bright idea; he wanted to take some honey out there, draw a line and lead 'em out."

Teixeira, who attended college at Georgia Tech, might have the whole bee-honey relationship chronology a little inside-out. Perhaps "Project Reverse Honey" would work with hornets. It would have been fun to watch him try his plan, but it wasn't necessary.

Soon after the delay ended, puns like these happened across Twitter:

YES Broadcaster Ken Singleton worried about Red Sox outfielder Mike Carp having bees on his mind as he went back to field Cervelli's hit to the fence — which, of course, got Girardi thinking about "Tommy Boy"— one of his favorite movies:

Holy schnikees! The Yankees, with the bees on their side, lead the Red Sox 8-0 in the sixth inning.

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