Mariners manager Eric Wedge had a mild stroke, will miss at least 10 games

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Seattle Mariners manager Eric Wedge had been in the hospital since a dizzy spell during Monday's batting practice. As it turns out, Wedge's condition was much more serious than just being dizzy. The team announced Wednesday that Wedge had suffered a mild stroke.

Wedge will miss the the Mariners' next series with the Minnesota Twins, which starts Thursday at Safeco Field. Then he'll skip the team's upcoming road trip to Boston and Baltimore. The very earliest he'd rejoin the team is Aug. 5 when the Mariners host the Toronto Blue Jays.

Robby Thompson is the managing the Mariners in the interim. The team had a eight-game winning streak going into Wednesday, but lost 10-1 to the Cleveland Indians.

According to the Seattle Times, Thompson talked to Wedge earlier Wednesday. This is what Geoff Baker of The Times relays:

“He sounded great, he really did,” Thompson said. “He really sounded good, he’s upbeat. Other than that … he wanted to know about the lineup, how guys are doing … more baseball related than anything.”

This, however, is one of those instances in life that's bigger than baseball. So in that respect, we wish Wedge the best.

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