Seattle’s new $10 million scoreboard will be the biggest in baseball

Kevin Kaduk
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The professional sports experience sure is getting weird. The quality of today's televisions are attempting to turn our living rooms into ballparks and arenas and they're doing a pretty good job of it. Meanwhile, those same ballparks and arenas are trying to turn themselves into our living rooms. It's really only a matter of time until some rabbit hole opens up and we're all sucked into some alternate reality where everyone on the field looks like Max Headroom.

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I bring this up because the Seattle Mariners announced on Thursday that Safeco Field will have baseball's biggest video board in place for the 2013 season. It's absolutely monstrous and just a tad smaller than the one the Dallas Cowboys had installed in Jerry World a few years back. The Seattle Times pegs the board's estimated cost at around $10 million.

From the Seattle Times:

The display will have 1080p by 3840p resolution and 4,147,200 pixels. It's actually made up of mutiple panels, about nine inches square, that are assembled like tiles. It will have a total viewing area of 11,425 square feet. The Cowboys' 160 by 72 foot display covers 11,520 square feet.

Plastic panels will protect the display from impact, though hittters have yet to reach the scoreboard at Safeco Field.

I'm not sure why you'd go through the process of building such a monstrosity without guaranteeing that it will be the biggest in sports — at least until another team tops it —  but I'm willing to forgive the Mariners in exchange for a few rounds of Mario Kart on that sucker.

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