Mariano Rivera reveals holiday gift idea — a life-size female doll for Derek Jeter

Mariano Rivera may be retired from baseball, but he showed he's still capable of throwing cut fastballs for strikes while making an appearance at Dick's Sporting Goods "Pinstripe Wednesday" event in Manhattan. The only difference, on this occasion Rivera wasn't using baseballs to break opponents bats. Instead, he was using a little humor to bust his former teammates... well, let's just say he was having a little fun at their expense.

It all broke loose when Rivera addressed the crowd and started going over his list of Christmas gifts he'd like to give three prominent members of the New York Yankees from his time with the team: Shortstop Derek Jeter, current free agent Robinson Cano and manager Joe Girardi. He got a pretty solid shot in on all three men, but his zinger for Jeter was especially strong.

From The New York Daily News:

For Derek Jeter, a life-size female doll, "so he would have a wife."

Only one person could get away with calling out New York's most eligible bachelor — for 18 years running — in public. Luckily for Mariano Rivera, that person is Mariano Rivera. He still expects a receipt sometime in the future. Hopefully reporters are on hand for that exchange.

Was Jeter, a longtime bachelor, already blowing up his phone? "He hasn't called me yet," Rivera said, grinning. "He will."

As for Robinson Cano, Rivera's focus was more professional than personal.

For Robinson Cano, "a piece of paper, a contract, and tell him to sign it."

Like the rest of us impatient folks, he obviously wants to see the Cano sweepstakes end sooner than later (or at least by Christmas).

And then there was Joe Girardi.

For Joe Girardi, hair dye to cover up all the gray the Yankees have given their manager over the years.

Rivera himself didn't contribute much to the graying of Girardi's hair, but he witnessed the transformation firsthand. That said, after re-signing with the Yankees for four more years this winter, the 49-year-old manager obviously feels like that process would have sped up even more in another dugout.

He's probably right, too.

As for Rivera's gift list, his comments were obviously all in good fun and were appropriately met with laughs. Immediately after, though, he went back to doing what he does best, which is giving back to the community and his fans. 12-year-old Jonah Shainberg, a Yankee fan from lower Manhattan who is currently battling a brain tumor, can attest to that as Rivera presented him with a signed No. 42 jersey.

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