Mariano Rivera returns to the mound for Yankees cologne commercial (Video)

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Good news for those of you who were concerned the New York Yankees would release a cheesy cologne brand without also releasing a cheesy cologne commercial! This ad for the New York Yankees fragrance feature closer Mariano Rivera in black and white as he pitches in slow-motion on a snow-covered diamond. The entire thing has a very 1992 Guess feel to it and I was hoping the camera would turn around to reveal Claudia Schiffer serving as a sexy catcher or umpire, but no dice.  

According to the product's website, New York Yankees fragrance "epitomizes the winning style of the greatest team in baseball, capturing a sporty and confident attitude."

No doubt it does all that epitomizing with undertones of pine tar, Red Man and Bleacher Creature b.o., as well. A limited bottle of the stuff with Rivera's screened signature will set you back $85, but a value set for $54 makes for a more affordable stocking stuffer.

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