Mariano Rivera delivers pizza to woman who has worked in Oakland A’s mailroom for 25 years

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Mariano Rivera's farewell tour chugs on — and in Oakland, it got tasty.

Rivera, the legendary New York Yankees closer and baseball's soon-to-retire saves leader, is visiting with "unsung heroes" at each road ballpark before he plays his final game there. In some places that's meant meeting with groups of behind-the-scene stadium employees or longtime fans. Like the guy in Cleveland who's been beating a drum in the stands for 40 years.

In Oakland, Rivera played pizza delivery man. He surprised Julie Vasconcellos, who has worked in the A's mailroom for 25 years, with a pizza on Wednesday. Casey Pratt of CSN Bay Area shows us more in the video above.

Mo's already considered one of baseball's top "firemen." And now he's a pizza-delivery man too? Anybody else think Rivera could be great on a "odd jobs" reality show when he hits retirement?

You're right. He'll probably have more important things to do. So just consider this another example of Rivera being a great dude. Anybody who surprises another person with pizza is full of win. But when it's a future Hall of Famer doing the surprising? That's even more delicious.

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