Marco Scutaro good to go for Game 3

David Brown
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ST. LOUIS — After catching the Matt Holliday runaway train in Game 2, Marco Scutaro said he would be able to play in Game 3 of the NLCS.

Scutaro worked out Tuesday night with the rest of the San Francisco Giants at Busch Stadium and said he was feeling better after Holliday crashed into him trying to break up a double play in the first inning  on Monday.

Holliday's violent slide knocked over Scutaro and caused him pain on the left side — from his hip, to his groin, and down to his knee. Scutaro stayed in the game and later contributed a three-run single that (with the help of Holliday's error in left field) helped to bust open Game 2, which the Giants won 7-1 to even the series. The St. Louis Cardinals host up to three games starting Wednesday afternoon.

Scutaro said he strained muscles in his hip and around his knee. In giving his version of recent events, Scutaro showed a sense of humor. He said "saw this train coming" and it was Holliday. "I pretty much didn't have time to do anything," Scutaro said. "He was pretty much on top of me. I don't even know how I threw the ball to first — but I think I did, right?"

Scutaro's pain worsened and he didn't play the final four innings, he said, because he wasn't able to be effective on defense. Scutaro said he appreciated Holliday reaching out several times to check on his condition.

"Yeah, that was kind of nice to hear from him after he tried to kick my ass. He's only 6-4, 250," said Scutaro, who goes about 5-foot-9, 180.

He was joking. Mostly. But he was upset with Holliday after seeing replays of the crash, which happened well beyond the bag.

"He's a guy that always plays hard," Scutaro said. "I think he kind of slid a little late. I guess he wasn't trying to do that. To be honest, I'm just happy that nothing real bad happened.

"As a second baseman, the only protection you have, pretty much, is the bag. Like I said, I don't think he was intentionally trying to hurt me. He was just trying to break up the double play. I don't think you're suppose to slide that far. You're going to be at shortstop if you do."

The way the play unfolded, it seemed reasonable to expect the Giants to attempt to avenge Scutaro. But they didn't. Scutaro said all he wants is for Matt Cain, their starting pitcher in Game 3, "to throw a nine-inning shutout and get a win."

And when Scutaro sees Holliday?

"I'm gonna kick his ass," he said. Really?

Not really. "He's a good guy, not trying to hurt me. Just trying to play a little [too] hard."

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