Manny Ramirez's last game with Dodgers: 1 pitch, 1 ejection

Manny Ramirez's(notes) final game with the Los Angeles Dodgers came not with the bang of a home run, but instead a whimper to an umpire.

It also came with an ejection — after the only pitch he saw in a pinch-hitting appearance at Colorado on Sunday.

One pitch?!

In an odd but very "Manny" ending to his Dodgers career, Ramirez was thrown out by home plate ump Gary Cederstrom after arguing a called strike one in the sixth inning.

Ramirez, who had been kept out of the lineup by manager Joe Torre the past four games — presumably because of a waiver claim by the Chicago White Sox — strolled to the plate with his club down six runs.

Rockies fans at Coors Field, knowing it might be their last chance for a while, booed Ramirez as he stepped in against left-hander Matt Reynolds(notes), who threw a fastball on the "outside corner" for strike one.

Ramirez protested, and when he wouldn't stop immediately (you're not allowed to argue with umps much about strike zone), Cederstrom gave him the heave-ho.

Watch Manny be ejected

"He's outta there! Oh, wow!" Dodgers announcer Vin Scully said after noting Manny doesn't argue much with umpires.

Update: Dodgers manager Joe Torre said Ramirez was thrown out unfairly.


"I came into the clubhouse [between innings]. I was angry," Torre said. "I asked Manny what he said. He said, 'The pitch was outside, it's a ball.' Manny doesn't curse. Then I asked Cederstrom between innings. He said the same thing as Manny. I'm very disappointed in the fact he threw him out. He [Cederstrom] said he [Ramirez] was 'demonstrative' about it. What the [heck] does that mean?

Well, so much for that at-bat. And so much for Manny being a Dodger.

The L.A. Times reports that the Dodgers, who fell 6 1/2 games back in the wild-card race after losing 10-5 to Rockies, are hastening Ramirez's move to the White Sox.

Via the Times:

The Dodgers aren't expected to get any players in return, but are likely to unburden themselves of the [$4.3] million [...] Ramirez is due to earn over the remainder of his two-year, $45-million contract.

Sounds fair enough. Manny and the Dodgers had a complicated relationship since his arrival in '08. Good times, bad times, strange times.

Despite the circus rings that constantly surround Ramirez, the White Sox could use another bat in their lineup. But they'll need more from Manny than what he's done since June 30:

Two hits, two visits to the DL and one ejection.

Next stop on the circus tour: Where it all began for Manny — a series at Cleveland and then Boston.

Step right up!

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