Manny Ramirez thinks teammate Brett Anderson is Oakland Athletics video guy

David Brown
Big League Stew

Of course he does. No, it's not a headline from the satirical newspaper The Onion. Via Scott Miller of CBS Eye on Sports:

Manny to Oakland pitcher: "Get me some video?"

Manny Ramirez, you silly. At least left-hander Brett Anderson seemed to take it well on Twitter:

@Ash_Brew it was early and I didn't have any team gear on, so ill cut him some slack.

It's like the infamous joke-story about Rickey Henderson being reunited with John Olerud when they played for the New York Mets, and Henderson recalling that he used to play with a guy who wore a helmet while playing first base — but not realizing it was Olerud.

That was a gag. This is real! And, boy, did it crack up Dallas Braden.

"We left a baseball card of Brett in Manny's locker today," Braden said. "To remind him that while Brett may be queuing up video for Manny, he'll also be pitching every fifth day."

Sometimes lost in Manny's singular madness is that he is passionate about baseball, about hitting in particular, and does work hard at it. Hence his eagerness to break down video. And Anderson does have an "everyman" look about him, but considering his recovery from Tommy John elbow ligament replacement surgery will last into August (probably), it's not like he couldn't just go and "get" some video for Manny. Just this once.

Besides, Manny was polite about it.  "Get me some video?" with the "please?" implied.

The traveling secretary: That's the guy you don't want Manny to mix you up with.

Oh, ManRam, what will you do next?

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