Manny Ramirez ‘moonwalks’ like Michael Jackson after losing balance in Taiwan

David Brown
Big League Stew

How is Taiwan ever going to repay the Western Hemisphere for Manny Ramirez?

As Manny continues to hit like Manny, (he has seven home runs), he also provides Taiwan's nightly news with hysterical video clips. Now, it's hard to tell what is happening in this clip in total because of the language barrier and the overgrown graphics that make CNN or ESPN on NFL Draft day look spartan by comparison. It must be like "Blade Runner" in Tapei City.

But here's the gist of Manny's Moonwalk:

Manny takes a big swing on a foul ball, loses his balance, and prevents himself from falling on his bottom by walking backward until he finds his bearings. And it looks like he's moonwalking like Michael Jackson. (OK, it's kind of a stretch. But they did a nice job with the video cuts and "Billie Jean" sound clips.)

It's just Manny being ... Michael. As showmen go, and as kinky hair goes, they are not dissimilar.

There's also something going on with a foul ball and a fist bump and a broken bat that smells scrumptious to Manny. I've seen players smell a freshly broken bat before, but ... I don't know either. Just keep the highlights coming until Dennis Rodman figures out a way to get Manny home.

Big BLS H/N: Manny Does Taiwan

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