Manny Machado pulls off defensive play of the year, throws out Yanks’ Cruz from New Jersey

This is one to watch. Manny Machado, the 21-year-old Baltimore Orioles third baseman who was just named to the AL All-Star squad, proved why he should be a player to watch well into the 2020s with this stunning defensive play. Machado ranged all the way into foul territory to snag a hard-hit grounder off the bat of the Yankees' Luiz Cruz, then stopped and fired a strike from pretty much a different time zone.

As Deadspin noted, it was reminiscent of another astonishing play from another astonishing Charm City third baseman, fella by the name of Brooks Robinson, back in the 1970 World Series:

Reaction from the baseball literati on Twitter summed up the play effectively enough:

When beating Mariano Rivera on a go-ahead homer in the ninth is only the second-most-unbelievable part of a game, you know something special happened. Fine job, young master Machado.

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