Manager Matt Williams points mascot Matt Williams in right direction

David Brown
Big League Stew

The same matter cannot occupy the same space, science says. Well, tell that to Matt Williams, manager of the Washington Nationals, who was re-introduced to himself in mascot form Monday night and came perilously close to touching him.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have a mascot race at every home game, in which oversized heads of team legends Williams, Mark Grace, Randy Johnson and Luis Gonzalez run around Chase Field in the style of the Milwaukee Brewers sausages. The Nats have a form of this entertainment too, with the Racing Presidents. Williams also was a coach and player on the D-backs (hence the mascot), so he's used to the shenanigans.

The Williams mascot guy apparently has a failing memory because he lost his way during the race and needed Real Matt Williams's help to find the finish line. While picking up his head from some paperwork on a dugout stool, Williams dutifully pointed "that way" to mascot Williams as furry Jayson Werth (he'll make a great mascot someday) looked on with possible amusement in the background. The mascot didn't get it and Williams continued pointing, doing everything but escorting the big headed goof to the finish line.

Just don't touch your mascot self, Matt! You might end up like Ron Silver in "Timecop" and nobody wants that.

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