Man beaten by four others in Dodger Stadium parking lot

David Brown

Another ugly incident reportedly occurred in a Dodger Stadium parking lot on Sunday night when four men pulled another man from his car and beat him over a minor fender-bender. The alleged attackers, who did not appear to have gang affiliations, were arrested and charged on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, LAPD Sgt. David Armas told the Associated Press. The victim, a man in his 20s, was in stable condition after suffering scrapes and cuts on his face.

A female passenger in the car who was eight months pregnant was not hurt, police added.

The man was involved in a minor collision with another driver as he was leaving the stadium parking lot, and three men from another car also got involved, Armas said.

''They basically held the victim down while the original suspect kicked and hit him about the head and face area while he was on the ground,'' Armas said.

The beating thankfully was not as bad as what happened to Giants fan Bryan Stow a season ago, when he suffered life-threatening injuries including brain damage. Stow's recovery has been inspirational, but he's also become a symbol of the consequences of the seemingly lawless lands at Chavez Ravine.

Armas added that Dodgers security, along with uniformed off-duty Los Angeles police, responded quickly. If that's true, and it hasn't been disputed, then that's all security could do — react quickly. As far as Dodgers management goes, installing more lights and video cameras to cover every angle inside the lots would be expensive and might help catch bad guys after the fact, but it still wouldn't guarantee fan safety. People commit crimes all of the time when caught on camera. And Magic Johnson waving a wand, that's not going make it stop, either.

The attitude of fans also has to change. The best way to stop the violence in the parking lots is for Dodgers fans themselves to decide they won't tolerate it anymore. That should have happened already, no? It hasn't. I don't care if it takes switching from "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" to "Kumbaya," it's really up to them to bring law to the Wild West's parking lots.

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