Man with aquatic jetpack attempts to hover over Matt Cain’s perfect game

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

It's funny to think about now, but there was a short time on Wednesday night when it looked like the most memorable moment from the Giants-Astros game was going to be the curious sight of a man using an aquatic jetpack to try and see the action from McCovey Cove.

Matt Cain's perfect game soon wiped it off the top of the highlight reel, but the amusing nature of the two-minute clip still endures. Watch as the merman tries to gain enough elevation so he can see the history being made inside of the ballpark:

The unidentified water walker was actually using a JetLev waterpack and it might end up being one of the best commercials for the product considering that many people — including myself — were confused about what the man was doing. It turns out that the technological wonder is available to well-moneyed consumers. It retails for a cool $99,500 and just hit bodies of water this spring.

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With powerful thrusts of water providing the ability to hover on water, I can only imagine what kind of advantage it'd give you when going for a home run ball against the cove's famous kayakers. I'm also pretty sure MLB should  look into the possibility of putting this guy in the Kauffman Stadium fountains for next month's All-Star game in Kansas City.

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