Madison Bumgarner denied chance to ride horse in Giants' World Series parade

David Brown
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Madison Bumgarner of the San Francisco Giants got everything a baseball player could want this past October.

• Bumgarner's team won the World Series 

• Bumgarner was on the field for the final out against the Kansas City Royals

• Bumgarner was named MVP of the Series

• Bumgarner drank celebratory beer in one-bottle increments

• Bumgarner partnered with Jockey in order to create his own "MadBum" line of underwear 

• Bumgarner was a key part of a team parade through downtown San Francisco that culminated at a rally at City Hall for the third time in five years

Bumgarner got to ride a horse in the parade

Oh, not that last part. After being asked by the local police if there was anything else they could do for him, Bumgarner actually went and used up one of his wishes, like you get in a genie story. He wanted to ride a police horse during the parade. Being a country boy from North Carolina, he knew how to ride just fine — but the police wisely decided to limit the interaction to a photo opportunity.

There would be no riding.

The San Francisco Chronicle has some details:

Maybe, but this was in the rain, with a huge crowd and confetti cannons ready to go off.

After careful consideration, and thinking about what would happen if he fell off, “we made a compromise,” said Police Chief Greg Suhr, who was called in to make the call.

“How about a picture on the horse, and we keep that golden shoulder?” Suhr said.

How 'bout a picture on the horse?


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