Made you flinch! Phillies fan spills beer on self reacting to Ryan Zimmerman foul ball

David Brown
Big League Stew

The Washington Nationals might or might not ever get their collective groove back this season. But this much we know: A foul ball by slugger Ryan Zimmerman is the scariest thing in Major League Baseball — even to a fan sitting behind home plate, supposedly well-protected by a net from flying objects.

Zimmerman made a fan wearing a Philadelphia Phillies shirt flinch at a screamer headed right his way Wednesday night, and the fan's reflex was so pronounced, he splashed beer on himself (and on two or three other fans nearby) from a bottle he held in his left hand.

Which reaction is more appropriate? "D'oh!" or "Hah-hahhh!"? Either way, as Zoo with Roy pointed out, the moment was worth Nats broadcaster F.P. Santangelo activating the Telestrator. He circled the fan, like Bert Blyleven or John Madden might have, and added this commentary:

"Watch the beer. ... Oh, God. All over him!"

Luckily for everyone, Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post's D.C. Sports Bog was watching and recorded the whole thing on Vine. Great reporting all of the way around!

It's worth noting that Beerflinch Splashguy was not the only fan behind home plate to raise a hand or duck a head in reaction to the foul ball. Just about anyone would. But what about the net? Why doesn't it make us feel safe? Because we know that line drives are otherwise dangerous. We flinch anyway because we're afraid of the pain. Neat, huh?

It's these, beer-spilling reflexes that separate us from the other animals walking the Earth.

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