Luke Scott’s offseason workout plan: Lots of lumberjacking


Baltimore Orioles slugger Luke Scott is a man of many offseason passions.

Hunting, firearms and political conspiracy theories, to name a few.

Scott, however, cites one particular  pastime as having a direct and positive effect at his performance at the plate.

Instead of exclusively hitting the batting cages in the winter, Scott says he uses an ax to hone his swing while chopping firewood for the winter. The unusual technique may  be working, too, as the 32-year-old is coming off a career year (27 homers, .902 OPS) in 2010.

From Camden Chat: {YSP:MORE}

"I like to get out in the cold weather when I train out in Oklahoma. I cut the tree down, then once it's down on the ground I piece up the whole thing with an axe. Trunk, branches, everything. The end result is it builds tremendous forearm and grip strength.

"It also teaches the basic swing (because) you can't do anything wrong. If your hands cast out or you do something that wouldn't be good as far as mechanics go with your swing, the axe will usually bounce off the tree and it'll laugh at you. But if everything is right, sound and your mechanics are good, when you hit the tree the right way it'll cut through it right away like nothing. It's worked for me."

Scott's woodworking workout plan is nothing new. He has talked about it in past interviews and it's a favorite topic for O's fans and other observers.

So why am I posting this now? Well, I generally like hearing anyone talk about chopping a tree down and the whole notion of a home run hitter as  a wayward lumberjack has an illustrious history, from Ted Kluszewski to Jim Thome.

Also, it gave me this excuse to post a picture of Teddy Ballgame and Paul Bunyan.

Not that I needed one.