Luke Scott brings stuffed boar’s head to Rays camp for show and tell

David Brown
Big League Stew

Of course he did. About a year ago, slugger Luke Scott of the Tampa Bay Rays mentioned to Roger Mooney of the Tampa Tribune that he had gone hunting in Charlotte County, Fla., and had tracked and killed a wild boar with a spear. Now, almost any other player in Major League Baseball making such a claim would be met with a healthy amount of skepticism. Maybe not Roy Halladay. He would kill a wild boar with a spear and make everyone ham sandwiches. And so would Scott, who brings with him a certain ... authenticity ... when it comes to the great outdoors.

And yet, where has the proof been? Evidence could be shown in the form of photos. Scott will show you deer he's hunted. Just ask him for a viewing. Well, evidence of Luke Scott vs. The Wild Boar is starting to trickle in, again via the Tampa Times:

Luke Scott promised to bring something interesting this morning for “show and tell” and he did – a stuffed boar’s head.

“My first confirmed kill with a spear,” he said before heading out for today’s workout.

This is why Joe Maddon is the best manager in baseball. Because he (presumably it's him) sets up team exercises such as "show and tell." It's doubtful that any other player on the Rays could top a stuffed boar's head that the player himself killed with a spear.

Getting pictures of stuff inside the clubhouse can be tricky, and I haven't seen any shots of the boar's head from Mooney or others on the Rays beat, though Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times also tweeted that Scott brought the taxidermy to Rays camp. Two sources is good enough. In the meantime, enjoy our photo illustration of what The Stew imagines Luke Scott spearing a boar's head looks like.

Scott has had, for him, two subpar seasons in a row with another kind of weapon — the baseball bat. If he can return to 2006-2010 hitting form, the Rays will appreciate it even more than they did hearing about the boar.

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