Lou Piniella sets out for Cincinnati, ends up near Pittsburgh

Things just aren't going too well for Lou Piniella these days.

The Cubs manager started the week with five straight home losses, had to deal with ominous news concerning their top two starting pitchers and they just lost to Cincinnati — their sixth straight — 10-2.

Thing is, Piniella almost didn't make it to Cincinnati for the ugly start to this series. Electing to drive from Chicago on Friday morning instead of fly, Piniella and Cubs coach/chaffeur Matt Sinatro missed a turn south and ended up near the Pennsylvania border before realizing their big boo-boo.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when Piniella woke up from his nap and realized that Sinatro was pointing the car toward the Pirates instead of the Reds. (But given the Cubs' 14-4 record against Pittsburgh this year, could you blame him?)

From the Chicago Tribune:

"We stopped at one of the (gas) stations along the way, and I bought a map to see exactly where we were," Piniella said. "And we realized we were in the opposite end of the state ...

They worked their way back toward Columbus in the middle of the state, navigating across rain-slicked, two-lane roads ...

"Let me tell you: I wanted to get my mind off baseball for a little bit, I sure as heck did," Piniella said.

For what it's worth, the article says the duo was relying on printed-out directions from — ahem — Google Maps. Next time, they might want to give Yahoo! Maps a try.

Or maybe just join the rest of the world and spring for a GPS. (Piniella muttering and swearing at the GPS lady? Now that would be a sight.)

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