Lost in transactions: Adam Rosales, his wife and their belongings all separated during whirlwind week

Life in the big leagues can quickly go from calm to chaotic for any player at any time. That even includes veterans such as infielder Adam Rosales, who is in the middle of perhaps the craziest possible week for a major league player.

After being traded to the Oakland A's prior to the 2010 season, Rosales has spent each of the past four seasons in the organization alternating between stints in the big leagues and Triple-A Sacramento. However, after acquiring Alberto Callapso from the Los Angeles Angels prior to the July trade deadline, the A's elected to designate Rosales for assignment and expose him to waivers. On Aug. 2, their division rivals, the Texas Rangers, were awarded the claim and immediately added Rosales to their active roster.

There's a reason Rosales himself even described this as a whirlwind week. On Aug. 5, the Rangers designated Rosales for assignment to clear a roster spot for Joey Butler. That's right, he lasted all of three days, or just long enough to learn the Rangers signs and earn a tribute video.

On Aug. 8, the Oakland A's were awarded the claim on Rosales and added him back to their active roster for Friday night's game in Toronto. Hey, we're sure he was happy to have a major league gig still, but the complications this created were many.

The game requires a sense of humor at times like this. It's a good thing Rosales has one.

That was Friday. The real question is, will he still have one after Saturday? That's right, Rosales was DFAed again by Oakland, only this time the A's are hoping for a different outcome.

Keep a hold on those belongings. For all Rosales knows he could be headed back to Texas, or anywhere else for that matter. We'll know for sure on Tuesday once the waivers process is completed yet again, but here's hoping that regardless of where Rosales lands this time, he's at least able to grab a cup of coffee and maybe even bring his wife to a game.

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