Los Angeles Dodgers in Twitter duel with Kaskade, a famous DJ and Giants fan

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

When the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres had that big bench-clearing brawl a few weeks ago, the Dodgers' Twitter account made some headlines for its snarky dig at the Padres.

Whoever runs @Dodgers apparently doesn't just get into 140-character skirmishes with the Padres, but also famous DJs who happen to be San Francisco Giants fan.

Kaskade — a Grammy-nominated producer/DJ who was the first electronic dance music artist (or EDM, as the kids say) to headline L.A.'s Staples Center — fired off this tweet Tuesday:

The Dodgers account — which we should point out has about 129,000 fewer followers than Kaskade — fired back:

Avicii does that "Levels" song you are probably sick of, even if you don't know its name or the artist who made it. Kaskade, though, appreciated the retort and countered with his own:

The Dodgers haven't responded yet. They were busy having Hanley Ramirez answer Twitter fan questions on Tuesday afternoon. Until then, this Twitter spat remains a no-decision with neither side delivering the knockout punch, but Kaskade owning the momentum.

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