The Los Angeles Dodgers are now the favorites to win the World Series, oddsmaker says

Mike Oz
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All of baseball has taken notice of the Los Angeles Dodgers' remarkable turnaround. So have gambling experts. Online sportsbook Bovada — which sends out updates every few weeks about baseball odds — has made the Dodgers its World Series favorite, marking the first time this season the Detroit Tigers aren't atop the list.

The Dodgers are in the middle of a spectacular 40-8 run since June 22, which has moved the team out of last place in the NL West and into first place, where it now holds a 7 1/2 game lead. It's enough for Dodgers fans to believe they're living a Drake song. The team hasn't cooled off recently either, currently riding an eight-game winning streak.

In announcing the Dodgers' ascension, Bovada sports book manager Kevin Bradley said:

"For the first time during the regular season, the Detroit Tigers have been surpassed as World Series favorites by none other than the hottest team in baseball the LA Dodgers. The amount of liability we have incurred on the Dodgers over the last month, combined with their stellar play as of late, forced us to drop them to 9/2 favorites just ahead of the Tigers who still sit close by at 5/1.”

On July 1, the Dodgers' World Series odds were 22/1. So that's another thing Don Mattingly's bunch can be proud of this season. Other than the Dodgers leap-frogging the Tigers, the other change to the top five in these latest odds is the Red Sox jumping ahead of the Cardinals.

Here's the entire list:

Odds to win the 2013 World Series
Los Angeles Dodgers - 9/2
Detroit Tigers - 5/1
Atlanta Braves - 13/2
Boston Red Sox - 15/2
St. Louis Cardinals - 10/1
Tampa Bay Rays - 11/1
Texas Rangers - 11/1
Cincinnati Reds - 12/1
Oakland Athletics - 12/1
Pittsburgh Pirates - 12/1
Baltimore Orioles - 18/1
New York Yankees - 40/1
Arizona Diamondbacks - 45/1
Cleveland Indians - 45/1
Kansas City Royals - 45/1
Washington Nationals - 75/1
Los Angeles Angels - 250/1
Toronto Blue Jays - 250/1
Colorado Rockies - 350/1
San Francisco Giants - 350/1
Seattle Mariners - 350/1
New York Mets - 500/1
Philadelphia Phillies - 500/1
San Diego Padres - 500/1

You'll notice Bovada didn't even bother listing the Astros, Marlins, White Sox, Twins, Brewers or Cubs anymore.

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