Look at all these empty seats at the New York Yankees’ sad opening day

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

The New York Yankees have been picked to finish in last place. They've been dissed by baseball writers. And even mocked by magazines.

But the biggest condemnation came Monday afternoon from Yankee fans, who didn't even stick around to see the the end of the Bronx Bombers' 8-2 loss to the bitter rival Boston Red Sox.

This is a picture Yankees Stadium, on opening day, in the bottom of the ninth, as snapped and tweeted by Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports:

The writers and the bloggers and the twitterers can make fun of the Yankees all they want. When the fans don't stick it out on opening day, that's a completely different type of verdict being handed down against the Yankees. If it's later in the season, that's one thing. But on opening day?!

Of course, this kinda stuff happens in the postseason too, so we shouldn't be too surprised.

Because it's worth seeing if you didn't click the link above, here's the cover of the current New Yorker magazine:

At least the New Yorker was nice enough to fill the stands.

Opening Day is here. Don't miss anything.
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