Look-alike Li'l Ron Washington to say 'Play ball!' for Game 4

Get ready to meet Li'l Ronnie Washington!

The Texas Rangers called up the family of 7-year-old Liam Roybal — the young doppelganger of manager Ron Washington — and requested his attendance at Game 4 of the World Series.

The club gave him two free tickets and he's going to say "Play ball!" before right-hander Tommy Hunter(notes) throws the first pitch against the San Francisco Giants.

From the Dallas Morning News:

"He is absolutely excited, he's kind of bouncing off the walls right now," [mom] Ami Roybal said. Liam will be practicing the phrase before his moment in the spotlight, she added.

All I can say is, Fox TV better not miss it.

UPDATE: The Two Washingtons have met in the dugout (above). More as news breaks.

The kid's a star at 7.

Good for the Rangers, finding something semi-official for Li'l Ron to do. His Halloween costume — authentic down to his correctly shaved head — has been one of the highlights of the Rangers rise to power this fall.

Liam has become quite a celebrity over the past 96 hours or so, ever since @GordonKeith posted a picture of Liam-as-Wash on Twitter. Jerod Morris of Midwest Sports Fans took notice, as did The Stew, and a viral internet sensation was born.

Liam and his parents, Ami and Rick Roybal, have even made the rounds on Dallas TV.

Even cooler about Liam: He's not just a prop. He's a real fan who plays baseball for a team called the Dirtbags. Nice reference to Long Beach State (Evan Longoria(notes), Troy Tulowitzki(notes)). The kid's got a nice batting stance, too.

Strange thing, though: Baseball look-alikes seem to run in the Roybal family:

Rick Roybal and the pitching coach Daniel Stern played in "Rookie of the Year." Eh, eh?

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