Long arm of the law finds itself in the grasp of Alex Rodriguez

In one of the season's more humorous run-ins, Alex Rodriguez(notes) collided with a Toronto police woman during New York's 10-5 win over the Blue Jays on Thursday night.

The Yankees third baseman had been trying to catch a pop foul from Lyle Overbay(notes), but the momentum generated from the miss took him straight into the path of the fleeing officer and created jeeeeest a bit of an awkward Billy Madison moment — "Ya double dare me?" — when he tried to regain his balance. The Rogers Centre crowd, of course, responded with boos.

Said A-Rod after the game:

"I'm just glad she didn't read me my rights. Only me. Oh my god, how embarrassing."

For A-Rod's sake, here's hoping that Kate wasn't watching. But why does it seem that A-Rod saves all of his compromising positions until he crosses the border to Toronto?

Watch a video of the international incident here or check out a few additional screencaps of below:

Lady in Nike hat: "And to think he had been behaving himself lately!"

* * *

Kid in Blue Jays jersey: "Hey! A-Rod's stealing my move from middle school!"

* * *

A-Rod: "Have you ever been on the cover of the New York Post? Would you like to be?"

* * *

Policewoman: "Just my luck. Why couldn't it have been Jeter chasing after that one?"

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