Logan Morrison probably isn’t making new fans within Seattle’s gay community

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Logan Morrison — baseball's self-professed Twittaholic — is a brand new addition to the Seattle Mariners, after being traded from the Miami Marlins on Wednesday. It might be a good move for the Mariners, as Morrison is a guy who has more potential than what he's shown on the field thus far in his short career.

Seattle's gay population might not be cheering for Morrison once it sees his recent Twitter spat with a Texas Rangers fan who was trolling him about joining the Mariners.

Before we get into Morrison's transgression, let's first point out that this is a pretty stupid troll move. That's a joke you aim at Robinson Cano, not something you say to a guy who was previously playing for the Marlins.

That sort of retort would have done better for LoMo, rather than firing back like a high-school meathead. The entire notion of "I'm going to insult you by calling you gay" is so 20 years ago that it's baffling a 26-year-old would resort to it. Morrison had to know it was wrong, because he has since deleted the tweet.

Still, this isn't the best first impression Morrison could make when moving across the country from Miami. The state of Washington is, of course, one of the most progressive states in the country. Gay marriage is legal there. The Mariners even flew the gay pride flag at a game last season.

Despite this dumb encounter, Morrison isn't a bad dude. He did pen a nice letter to Marlins fans in the event he was traded. So here's hoping this is the worst Twitter encounter of his Mariners career.

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