Logan Morrison gets five stitches in face after shattering bat in anger

David Brown

Logan Morrison's career continues to take strange and disappointing turns. Just a few days after returning from an injury, Morrison injured himself in the face by shattering his bat in anger Sunday afternoon. Morrison had slammed his bat against a wall inside of the Mariners dugout after he made an out in the fifth inning. He was unable to return to the field after the half-inning ended and needed five stitches in order to close the wound.

Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times said Morrison "looked like a UFC fighter" after the game. A shard of maple wood struck Morrison just above his left eye, causing a green and purple knot. Morrison joked that he "got into a fight" with his bat and that, "You should see the other guy."

Funny guy, but also not the kind of mistake the Mariners needed, or one that Morrison needed to commit right now.

“Obviously I acted like a 3-year-old,” he said. “I apologized to my teammates. I’m about to go apologize to Mac. I can’t do that. I didn’t want to come out of the game. They saw me gushing blood from my eyebrow and they took me out. I’m embarrassed. No matter how bad I’m playing, I can’t do that.”

Morrison’s failure to come up with the key hit when needed for a Mariners team that is struggling offensively set him off.

“I usually don’t snap,” he said. “I usually don’t play this bad, either. But I usually don’t snap.”

Morrison's mistakes usually have related to saying something inappropriate on social media. The Miami Marlins, his first major league club, censured him at least once for comments he's made. They even demoted him to the minors in 2011, during his first full season, after Morrison opened his mouth one too many times on Twitter.

Apparently he didn't learn, because Morrison made a gay insult on Twitter in December after coming to the Mariners. He's batting .135 with one home run in 40 plate appearances.

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