Livan Hernandez welcomes ball boy to the bigs with shower of sunflower seeds (VIDEO)

Of all the perks that come with being a young ball boy, I'd have to guess that getting the chance to experience some personal interaction with major-league ballplayers ranks atop the list.

Yes, even if that means having one of them jokingly throw things at you after you boot a play down the left-field line. Watch what happened to this Tampa Bay Rays ball boy after he Bucknered a foul grounder in front of Livan Hernandez and the Atlanta Braves bullpen.


Some people out there might see it differently, but that actually had to be a good feeling for the ball boy, who I really hope is named David. (Get it?) Livan's attempt at a high five shows he clearly was joking and being treated like one of the boys is a lot better than receiving stony silence from the professionals.

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Not a bad tip on top of getting to watch a MLB game from one of the best seats in the house.

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