Little help: Giancarlo Stanton assists Jonathan Lucroy’s homer over the fence

Putting baseballs over the fence isn’t usually a problem for Giancarlo Stanton. However, the way he went about putting one over the fence on Saturday night at Miller Park actually proved to be quite a problem for the Miami Marlins.

It happened in the third inning with the Marlins in the field and Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy at the plate. Lucroy would smack a fly ball to right field that continued carrying and took Stanton back to the warning track. It was there that Stanton made a leaping attempt to catch the ball, and the result of his attempt was the baseball striking the heel of his glove, bouncing off the top of the wall and then slowly, almost painfully rolling over.

It goes as a solo home run for Lucroy, though as replays show, it would have come up about a foot short without Stanton’s assistance. There’s no question about it, and it seems Lucroy came to grips with that fact pretty quickly.

From the Associated Press:

''Baseball is a crazy game,'' Lucroy said. ''I told (Stanton) I owe him dinner when we play in Miami next year.''

As for Stanton’s response.

''Little things like that hurt us. It wouldn't have been a homer,'' he said.

He’s right, it does hurt, but the thing is, Milwaukee had already scored two runs in the game. Miami, on the other hand, hasn’t scored a run last Sunday, so it hurt, but it certainly didn‘t cost them anything in a 6-0 defeat.

As for the significance of the gift home for Lucroy, it gave him a career-high 14 on the season. It was also one of four hits in the game. He doubled once and singled twice, driving in two.

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