Line drive gets wedged in fence during game in Korea (VIDEO)

Thanks to the unique features at Wrigley Field, we've seen baseballs disappear from the playing field once they become buried deep in the ivy, which according to the ground rules results in a double. However, what happened during Saturday's action down in Korea was a little stranger than that.

Yoo Han-joon of the Nexen Heroes hit a baseball so hard off of Everett Teaford of the LG Twins, it actually got wedged in the padding of the outfield fence. It literally hit the wall, and it just stuck there like a dart hitting the bullseye. It was a direct hit and an absolutely perfect landing that probably couldn't be duplicated if batters stood at second base and hit line drives at the same fence for the next week.

Much like the ground rules at Wrigley, Yoo Han-joon was rewarded with a double for his trick shot. Though let's be honest, if you can hit a baseball hard enough that it sticks to the wall, you should be able to run until the opposing team figures out how to remove it. In this case, that could have three or four trips around the bases, because that ball was wedged in there nice and snug.

The same thing has probably happened at some point in MLB, though it's difficult to recall when or where that might have been. We've definitely seen balls get stuck underneath the padded walls, but that doesn't compare to what Yoo Han-joon was able to do.

If anything, this gives Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton something new to shoot for. If there's a player can hit the ball hard enough to make it stick in the fence at an MLB stadium, he's the man. Then again, chances are he'd actually hit it through the wall before it got stuck, so maybe we shouldn't encourage him.


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