Lincecum, Huff get rambunctious as Giants escape with victory

Nobody got more excited at Aubrey Huff's(notes) big hit than Tim Lincecum(notes). And he hadn't even been in the game.

Huff let go too, after the San Francisco Giants came from ahead, then from behind, to pull out a 3-2 victory against the Atlanta Braves in the NLDS on Sunday night.

The Giants took a 2-1 lead in the series and can advance to the NLCS with a victory Monday. If not, they have Lincecum waiting in the wings for Game 5 on Wednesday night in San Francisco.

Lincecum might be ready to pitch this second. Watching from the dugout with the rest of his teammates, he leaped high in the air — twice — after Huff lined a score-tying single to right with two outs in the ninth.

He also let out an expletive — "[Fudge], yeah! Shut up!" — directed at the stunned home fans in Atlanta — in his exuberance. The PG-13 (R?) outburst is clearly audible on the highlight available at (Well, if they condone it...)

For those of you who don't need the swearing but still like the leaping, check out this GIF file of Jumpin' Timmy. The dude can get high. No pun ... well, maybe pun intended a little.

As for Huff, he tried out his comedy act — using tough-luck pitcher Jonathan Sanchez(notes) as a straight man — in the postgame press conference. How'd Huff do? Well, at least he's got baseball.

From the press conference transcript:

Q. [Bruce] Bochy just talked about Giants baseball and how it's called torture. You guys have a lot of close games, tonight was no different. He said you guys don't seem to mind it. You grind it out, you're used to it. I don't know if you like it. Why is it the case that you guys have all of these very close games?

AUBREY HUFF: I speak better English, so I'll go ahead and answer. Is that okay?

JONATHAN SANCHEZ: Yeah, that's better [laughs].

Watching the video, it seems like Huff is trying to be more helpful than anything. Maybe he's trying for a laugh, too, but he doesn't seem to be acting mean. Sanchez, who's from Puerto Rico but went to high school in Ohio, speaks English with a thick accent. He's also soft-spoken, and he seemed to appreciate Huff fielding the question.

The whole Q&A is pretty good, especially as it regards Huff. He had played 10-plus seasons without sniffing the playoffs and has been a pretty good hitter in that time (except for his stint in Detroit). He's also kind of wacky (see the "Rally Thong") and a glib speaker, to the point that he puts his foot in his mouth sometimes.

Later in the interview after a question about Sanchez possibly saying something to rookie Madison Bumgarner(notes), Huff went back to the ESL joke well.

Q. Bochy said Madison's going to be the starter for tomorrow. That's a big stage for a rookie for a young kid. How do you think he'll do, and will you say anything to him?

JONATHAN SANCHEZ: I mean, as long as he throws strikes, he's going to be okay.

AUBREY HUFF: Catcher boy English, and this guy, I don't think it's going to be a very good conversation.

Heyohhhhh! Hello, is this thing on? OK, Aubrey, we get what you think of Sanchez's English skills. Huff, while entertaining sometimes, is kind of like the guy who gives the best man speech at a wedding reception, gets a little too drunk, and goes just a liiiiiiitle bit too far and then relationships are damaged.

Huff probably didn't mean to hurt Sanchez's feelings, but he easily could have. Sometimes it's better to just say nothing, no matter how much better you think your diction and dialect are.

We can let it go, though, and blame it on the exuberance of victory. Like with Bleepin' Timmy.

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