The legend of Evan Gattis grows: He breaks his bat on his back after hitting a foul ball

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

One day, when you're telling your children about Evan Gattis, baseball's folk hero they call El Oso Blanco, you might tell them the story of the day Gattis hit a foul ball and broken his bat on his follow-through. Specifically, how he broke his bat over his own back.

Gattis' strength has never been questioned. He wouldn't be called El Oso Blanco (The White Bear) if he weren't crazy strong. So strong this didn't seem to hurt him, as it might hurt a lesser man. 

Later in Monday's game, however, Gattis did hurt himself. He strained an oblique muscle and was placed on the disabled list. Until he returns, let the GIF above be a reminder of Gattis' monster strength.

You can also ponder — in the spirit of Gattis Facts — whether Gattis broke the bat or if the bat broke itself because it was so scared of colliding with Gattis' back.

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