Leave the World Series for the Rams game? Cardinals fans name their price

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ST. LOUIS — This is the busiest place in sports at the moment.

On Monday night, Busch Stadium prepared for Game 5 of the World Series. Less than a mile away, the Edward Jones Dome was getting ready for Monday Night Football, the St. Louis Rams hosting the Seattle Seahawks. Not only is Busch Stadium's game more prestigious, it'll also be closer. The Seahawks are very good and the Rams are, umm, not.

Busch Stadium set an attendance record in Game 3, then topped it in Game 4. So it's pretty clear the Cardinals are the hottest ticket in town. So that made us wonder: What would it take? What would you have to give a Cardinals fan for he or she to leave the World Series and go watch the Seahawks beat up on the Rams.

"An act of God," said a gentleman name Matt from Bethalto, Ill. "There's no where you can sit me in the Rams stadium that I would leave my standing-room-only seat at this game. You'd have to put me on the bench with the Rams players before I'd consider it."

Hard bargain? Maybe, but maybe not.

"I'd have to run out with the Rams, through the tunnel," said Ricky Gaeta from Spring Valley, Mo. "A guaranteed win against the Seahawks. Sam Bradford would have to start. I'd have to sit next to the head coach and tell him if I think a play is not right."

He wasn't the only one thinking about quarterbacks when putting together list of demands.

"Brett Favre coming back to quarterback," said Bryce Braddy of Effingham, Ill.

"I'd go there for Russell Wilson, actually," said Julie Zerr of Jefferson City, Mo., throwing shade on all the Rams.

Her husband had a different spin.

"Staring quarterback," Brian Zerr said, as in he'd have to be playing it. "I could probably make it."

Funny. Well, maybe he's right. The Rams are starting Kellen Clemens on Monday night. Might as well be starting Roger Clemens.

"I'd take it for season tickets next year and playoff tickets," said John Bauer of St. Louis.

Hold up, playoffs? "To the Cardinals," he said. "Not the Rams."

Oh, gotcha. Makes sense now.

"It would have to be front row, all inclusive," said Dan Hearn of St. Louis. "I don't even think I would go. And I'm a Rams fan. I'm not a hater. I'm from St. Louis. I stuck with with Rams. It's been some bad times, but this is just bigger. It would have to be ridiculous seats and, I don't know, I'd do it for a thousand bucks."

The most cunning Cardinals fan we talked to was Mindy Specht of Lombard, Ill. She's a Chicago Bears fan, but wise enough to use our anything-you-would-want query to help the Cards.

"I want Boston to forfeit," she said. "Then I would go. Definitely."

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