Laynce Nix reaches deep into stands to steal a foul ball

It’s not all that often you hear the name Laynce Nix associated with a defensive gem, just as it‘s not often you see the name Lance spelled Laynce. But putting that aside, the Philadelphia Phillies outfielder who answers to that name and spells it as such did make a fantastic leaping catch during their 2-1 loss to the Tigers at Comerica Park on Friday night.

It happened in the fourth inning with Prince Fielder at the plate. Naturally, Fielder hit one of his majestic popups down the right field line that felt like it would never come down. It was apparent off the bat that Fielder’s ball didn’t have home run distance, and it soon became clear the ball had drifted into foul territory. But that didn’t stop Nix from pursuing the play from straight away right field.

It’s a good thing he did, too, because he was easily able to scale a lower portion of the descending wall in right, and with a remarkable reach and incredible focus, he was able to snag the ball out of the air to record the out.

Of course it probably didn’t hurt that the Tigers fan with the best chance to catch the ball was off balance and wasn’t wearing a glove. Still, the concentration and hand-eye coordination required on Nix‘s part, not to mention that hustle and never giving up on a ball in enemy territory, makes it an outstanding play.

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