Lawsuit alleges John Franco threw ball at wall to intimidate his real estate agent

David Brown
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Lawsuits are for closers, too. New York Mets all-time saves leader John Franco and his wife, Rose, have been hit with a doozy that alleges all sorts of nasty stuff about them, the Staten Island Advance reports.

The Francos are accused of bullying 60-something realtor Wendy King at an estate sale for their property in Staten Island in 2012. The charges include unlawful imprisonment, assault and slander. King alleges that a raging John Franco threw an autographed baseball at a wall in order to intimidate her, and more:

Franco, the career saves leader for left-handed pitchers, refused to let Ms. King leave, shoving her away from the front door and standing there for 15 minutes while glaring menacingly at her, court filings allege. Meanwhile, his wife berated her and called her a thief, contends the Westchester County resident.

That sounds more like a hold than a save. The Francos, conversely, dispute King's version of events. They claim they're owed $30,000 and that King did an "unprofessional" job with the estate sale, which grossed more than $70,000 from items such as "a custom motorcycle, 18th-century neoclassical sconces, video-arcade machines and Mets memorabilia, according to Advance reports."

The Mets memorabilia included a custom Harley-Davidson roadster motorcycle that teammates presented to Franco upon his 400th career save. That went for $7,000. Sounds kind of jerky of Franco to do that but, now that he's living in Manhattan, there was just no room for the bike. Just remember that the next time teammates give a famous ballplayer some fancy retirement gift.

The Francos listed the six-bedroom house for $8.3 million in 2005 and sold it for $3.4 million in September. Ouch, bubble! It's OK, though, or should be; Franco grossed $47 million playing ball.

As for who wins the lawsuit: It all depends on who makes the best depositions.

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