Larry Walker bowls 300 game

David Brown

Larry Walker probably always will be one of the greatest Major League Baseball players not in the Hall of Fame. His candidacy has been hurt by injuries, playing many games at Coors Field and, possibly, guilt by the association of playing in the "steroid" era. He was named on 10.2 percent of Cooperstown ballots in 2014, down from a high of 22.9 percent in 2012.

But there's always bowling's Hall of Fame for the Montreal Expos and Colorado Rockies great.

Walker, 47 and nine years removed from MLB, took to Twitter on Thursday to make a special announcement:

How do you like that his Twitter handle comes out as "Canadian Moose Lips"? And before any of you go, "It's a Canadian 300!" because Walker originally is from British Columbia, put away your anti-hoserism. He lives in Florida now, reportedly. No international exchange rate is necessary.

How many other major leaguers have ever bowled 300? It's impossible to know, but there couldn't have been that many. Walker hit .313./.400/.565 with 383 career homers in 8,030 plate appearances. Hopefully he gets a chance at more perfect games in bowling so he gets a chance to be enshrined at Arlington, Texas someday.

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