Larry Bowa ‘would accept’ Phillies’ reunion offer from Ryne Sandberg

David Brown
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Larry Bowa goes back a long way with Philadelphia Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg and, without making himself look too obvious Wednesday, sounded like a guy hoping for a reunion on his staff next season. Presuming that Sandberg gets the job full time.

A former player and manager with the Phillies and a baseball lifer, Bowa currently works for the MLB Network as a TV analyst. He's very good at it and says he is happy to be there, but Bowa always has been more comfortable on the field and in the game.

As quoted by reporter Dennis Deitch of the Delco Times, Bowa still yearns to wear a pinstriped uniform at age 67:

Bowa not only praised the job being done by his double-play partner with the Cubs three decades ago, but also did but confess that if he were offered a job on Sandberg’s coaching staff in 2014, he would accept it.

And in classic Bowa fashion, he got a little jab in on his last employer while doing so.

“There’s no question I like what I’m doing,” Bowa said. “Do I miss some of it? Yeah, sure I do. I coached for a long time.

“Put it this way: If I ever did come back, I’m not going away from the East Coast. I just like the style of play around here. I like the atmosphere out here. It’s a different atmosphere. ... "

Bowa continued, giving an amusing rundown of places he doesn't like, including his most recent place of MLB employment, Los Angeles, where he said the Dodgers have fair-weather fans who won't come to the ballpark if the team's not winning. Bowa ingratiating himself to Philly fans by ripping other places wasn't necessary; enough of the Brotherly Lovers already adore him and his big mouth. They go back with Bowa even longer than he does with Ryno.

[REPLAY: Larry Bowa's Answer Man Q&A from 2008]

But the idea of Bowa being Sandberg's top aide makes sense. They have a yin and yang thing going, in terms of personalities and approach, though both are alike in meaningful ways. They certainly would appear to complement each other on a coaching staff. It almost makes TOO much sense. But not too, too much that it shouldn't happen.

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