The Lakers versus the Celtics (and the Red Sox, too)

Just in case you weren't getting enough Red Sox coverage in the MLB 'sphere, last night's NBA Finals provided yet another opportunity to be jealous of the success the New England sports scene is having. From the sheer numbers of Red Sox reported to be on hand, it seems the Lakers couldn't throw an errant pass without it being caught by someone wearing a World Series ring.

From the Boston Globe:

The Sox contingent (at Sunday night's Game 2) was expected to include Curt Schilling (above, left), Jon Lester (middle), David Ortiz (right), Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, Jacoby Ellsbury, Tim Wakefield, Coco Crisp, Julio Lugo, Alex Cora, and front-office folks Mike Dee, Sam Kennedy, John Henry, Tom Werner, and Larry Lucchino.

Also, not that the Lakers would want to channel the energy of Joe Torre's middling crew, but you won't be seeing any Dodgers at the Staples Center this week because they'll be playing down in San Diego.

The Orange County Angels might be a better choice and — wouldn't you know it — they have the day off for Thursday's Game Four. Somebody get Vlad and Ervin courtside, pronto.

UPDATE: Not that anyone asked, but here's Curt Schilling's take on the night.

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