Korean taekwondoist performs incredible flip before throwing out first pitch

Maybe we're doing it wrong here in America, because our ceremonial first pitches just don't have the same flair as those in South Korea.

The latest evidence of this came before Saturday's Korean Baseball Organization game featuring the Doosan Bears. On this occasion, the Bears called on actress and martial artist Tae Mi to handle the honors, and she didn't disappoint one bit with her acrobatic performance. As Tae Mi goes into her windup, she wows the crowd by pulling off a remarkable flip with several rotations, but most impressively sticks the landing and then follows through with what could be a slider or a tailing fastball.

Either way, she got the ball there on the fly, which is more than Korean-American pop star Tiffany Hwang could say about her first pitch effort at Dodger Stadium. Without the flips, by the way.

I would say Tae Mi definitely gave gymnast Shin Soo-ji a run for her money in terms of degree of difficulty and all around presentation, but I'll let you decide which one was superior based on this video from Dan at MyKBO.net.

Right now I have to go practice my first pitch routine just in case one of these girls can't make a future booking.

Big BLS H/N: MyKBO.net

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