Korean reporter willingly plunked by pitching machine to give viewers firsthand perspective

We've heard the term "taking one for the team" before, but this Korean journalist for KBS may be taking things a bit too far here.

On his assignment to find out whether or not being struck by a pitched baseball is as awful as it looks, he willingly stepped in against a pitching machine and wore a fastball on his padded posterior. Based on his reaction as he hobbles away, it seems he got the answer he was seeking, but probably not the answer he was hoping for. Yes, getting plunked by a baseball traveling between 90 and 100 mph is a lousy experience, even through some padding.

The odd exhibition was a part of a much longer video package examining the impact baseball's have on the human body and other various objects, such as a frying pan. Much of it is done is slow motion, which adds to effect. The entire video is only two minutes long and you can view it on the KBS website.

Most of us would probably agree the human pin cushion exercise was unnecessary. Well, everybody not named Happy Gilmore.

That said, you have to admire a reporter who is willing to go inside the story in order to give his viewers a clearer picture. In this case, there was no clearer picture than him gingerly racing toward the exit. If you can avoid getting hit squarely by a baseball, then get out of the way.

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