Korean player casually and creatively avoids tag at home plate

In a play chock full of entertainment, Samsung Lions third baseman Seok-Min Park stole a run for his team with some creative baserunning. It happened during a Korean Baseball Organization game over the weekend against the Kia Tigers, and it was ridiculous and phenomenal.

Park was on third when teammate Hong-Ryun Lee hit a sharp grounder to the third baseman that required a lunge to flag down. The third baseman did so cleanly and impressively, and then fired home to catch Park, who had broken to the plate. Park appeared to be dead to rights as the perfect throw settled in the catcher's glove, but that's when his creativity took over.

Park stopped dead in his tracks and casually spun away from the tag attempt. The catcher, either confused by Park's actions or convinced he'd actually made the tag, turns his attention for maybe half a second, but that was enough time for Park to sneak his foot on the plate ahead of another swipe tag.

It was a show of amazing instincts and even better footwork. Then again, if you look at the replay at the 44-second mark, he may have caught a break as well. It looks like the initial tag may have just nicked his uniform. It's difficult to say that conclusively, but it's close enough that a call either way would have felt acceptable.

On the second tag, he does get the foot in just time. He also stayed close enough to the base line so that no ruling could be made there. It was just a wild, yet heads up play on Park's part, and it paid off nicely.

By the way, we said this was an entertaining play all around. Check out the bat flip by Hong-Ryun Lee as well. We'll just assume he thought he had an RBI single, because there was way too much conviction behind that for a ground out.

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