Kobe Bryant pals it up with Mike Trout — has Mr. Mamba switched sides in baseball’s battle for L.A.?

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

What's next, Kobe, are you going to go play for the Clippers?

Wait, let's back up a second: Kobe Bryant was at the Los Angeles Dodgers-Los Angeles Angels game on Thursday night in Anaheim. The Dodgers, confident enough that Kobe is true to the blue, tweeted out, "Who is he rooting for?" with a pic of Kobe sporting a Dodgers cap from that star-studded opening day video.

But we're a long way from opening day, eh Dodgers fans? In fact, after the game, Kobe was all atwitter with Mike Trout — you know, from the L.A. team that's not the Dodgers.

Kobe Bean Bryant! Could it be true? Are you becoming an ... Angels fan? Is it because Matt Kemp isn't himself? Because Yasiel Puig hasn't been called up? Because they're in last place? Would would Magic say?

Now, this could be all harmless. Stars rubbing virtual elbows with other stars, that kind of thing.

But at least a couple Laker/Dodger fans weren't happy about this. "What are you doing Kobe, he's the enemy," one reply to Kobe's tweet said.

Stay tuned. L.A. can't let such a scandal exist. Someone will surely get to the bottom of this sooner or later and make Kobe pledge his allegiance.

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