You knew it was coming — A-Rod sues MLB and its players union in federal court

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Here's one instance where Alex Rodriguez is a man of his word: The embattled New York Yankees third baseman has filed a lawsuit in federal court trying, once again, to wiggle his way out of a suspension for PED use.

Here's the early info from the Associated Press:

Alex Rodriguez sued Major League Baseball and its players' union Monday, seeking to overturn a season-long suspension imposed by an arbitrator who ruled there was "clear and convincing evidence" he used three banned substances and twice tried to obstruct the sport's drug investigation.

As part of the lawsuit filed in federal court in Manhattan, the New York Yankees third baseman made public Saturday's 33-decision by arbitrator Fredric Horowitz, who shortened a penalty originally set at 211 games last August by baseball Commissioner Bud Selig.

Rodriguez in his suit claimed the Major League Baseball Players Association ''completely abdicated its responsibility to Mr. Rodriguez to protect his rights'' and ''this inaction by MLBPA created a climate in which MLB felt free to trample'' on Rodriguez's confidentiality rights.

None of this is a surprise. A-Rod's lawyers have said for months this would be their next stop unless his initial 211-game suspension was completely overturned. After Saturday's ruling — which reduced the suspension to 162 games — A-Rod's camp still isn't going to drop the fight.

Before filing the federal lawsuit, Team A-Rod tried and failed to enter a redacted version of the arbitration ruling against A-Rod as part of their complaint. This is why the entire ruling will now be made public. Since A-Rod's legal team tried to enter a censored version in their lawsuit, that must mean there's some juicy stuff contained within.

In other words: If you thought the "60 Minutes" report gave us all sorts of sordid details, you haven't seen anything yet.

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