Kick save! Canadian Scott Diamond flashes goalie skills against Jays (Video)

David Brown
Big League Stew

There's no question this play doesn't happen if Minnesota Twins left-hander Scott Diamond isn't Canadian and wasn't making his first career start in his home country against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Diamond, like any person born in the Great White North, is a fully trained and licensed ice hockey goaltender. And he showed off his mad goalie skills Wednesday, doing his best Don Beaupre impersonation by performing a kick save on a comebacker by Rajai Davis. So accurate was Diamond's left foot, he kicked the ball right to first baseman Chris Parmalee for a fancy 1-3 putout. Watch him make like Gump Worsley in his prime:

Get that weak stuff out of here, Raj! Yeah, Diamond was the right guy for the job on that play. If Carl Pavano tries it, his foot would have burst into flames.

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The other best part of this story is the lead paragraph in the Associated Press story, which makes an obvious yet sublime reference to "O Canada":

TORONTO (AP) -- Pitching in his home and native land made Scott Diamond feel as though he was making his major league debut all over again.

His "home and native land"? I'll stand on guard for thee anytime, anonymous Toronto AP stringer. And Diamond wasn't afraid to make reference to the glorious and free old country, either:

''I let my Canadian heritage shine a little bit by kick-saving it over to first base,'' Diamond joked. ''It's a little sore right now but I'm glad we got the out.''

Don't admit to being hurt, Scott. Don Cherry doesn't want to hear it. As for the results, Diamond pitched well (he's had a solid season), but the Blue Jays were better behind Brandon Morrow and won 2-1. Morrow's not a Canadian, but his name sounds like it. Sadly, he's probably not trained in the goaltender sciences.

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