Kevin Kiermaier hit a line drive so hard it went through Eric Hosmer's glove

Congratulations to Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier who accomplished the rare baseball feat Tuesday night of hitting a line drive through another player's glove.

That other player being Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer. And we're not talking about a ball that went under Hosmer's glove or ricocheted off the side. It literally went through the webbing of Hosmer's glove as he stood firmly ready to catch the ball. In other words: Kiermaier hit a baseball so hard that the normal instrument used to catch baseballs could not contain it. 

Forget mashing four homers in one game, this is a true sign of baseball brute force. All opposing players should now beware of Kevin Kiermaier and know that when he comes to the plate their trusty gloves may not be able to help them. His swing contains some sort of glove kryptonite.

There was a happy result here for Hosmer and the Royals: Second baseman Omar Infante was able to gather the ball after it zoomed through Hosmer's mitt and whip it to first base to get Kiermaier out. No matter, Kiermaier can still tell his children and his children's children that he once hit a ball through a baseball glove. They'll be far too impressed to ask if he was safe at first.

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